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Tall tales about the BBQ are often told at parties these days. Various terms such as ‘direct vs. indirect’ ‘cutting on the bias’ and ‘core temperature’ are discussed. Of course, it is nice to be able to talk along about these subjects, and you might even teach your tipsy uncle a thing or two. Therefore the BBQ&A was created.

On this page, we will explain the most common terms of the BBQ. Moreover, you do not have to take a dictionary with you to a restaurant on vacation because we help you out with an overview of translations with the names of different types of meat and fish. We also give you a handy chart of the core temperatures of the different types of meat and fish. And this is all for free!

Do you come across a term somewhere that you cannot find on the blog or a term that requires a simpler explanation? Pass it on to us via Facebook, and we will try to help you out!

  • Direct / indirect

  • Meat has to rest

  • Cutting meat against the grain

  • Heritage meat

  • Room temperature

  • Core temperature

  • Fats

  • Reverse sear

  • Drip-tray

  • How to get and maintain a low temperature inside your BBQ

  • International names of meat dishes

  • International names of fish dishes

  • Origin of the word barbecue (BBQ)

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