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Core temperatures of your meat / fish on the BBQ

Core temperatures of your meat / fish on the BBQ

Core temperatures of your meat / fish on the BBQ

The core temperatures of meat, fish, or poultry! Fairly important when it comes when preparing, for example, a prime rib, prime rib, or a delicious hot smoked salmon, or a tender piece of chicken with a perfect readiness to serve to your guests. And, well, I am not a chef that can feel with his magical fingers whether my meat has reached a core temperature of 48 degrees. My rule of thumb is: measuring is knowing. Besides, food safety is also important because you don’t want your guests to get sick. It might be somewhat less impressive, but I always use my iGrill 2 (this thermometer is connected with Bluetooth, so I can stay inside on those Dutch rainy days 😉 ). Then I know exactly when to remove the meat from the barbecue and to let it rest. By the way, food safety is not only guaranteed by the core temperature, so always ensure to use fresh and good quality meat, chicken or fish!

Go directly to the core temperature of:
1. Beef
2. Lamb
3. Pork
4. Poultry (chicken)
5. Fish
6. Game

1. The core temperature of beef and veal

Steaks include pieces of meat such as rib eye, club steak, rump steak, flank steak, chuck tender, tomahawk steak.

Steaks Rare 48-50°C  / 118.4-122°F
Medium rare 51-54°C  / 123.8- 129.2°F
Medium 55-58°C  / 131-136.4°F
Medium well 59-62°C /  138.2-143.6°F
Well done >63°C   /    >145.4°F

Roast or meat on the bone
A roast is among other things: prime rib, eye of round, chateaubriand, round. A roast is basically one big piece of meat.

Roast Rare 48-50°C / 118.4-122°F
Medium rare 51-54°C / 123.8- 129.2°F
Medium 55-58°C / 131-136.4°F
Medium well 59-62°C / 138.2-143.6°F
Well done >63°C    / >145.4°F

Processed meat

Processed meats are minced meat, sausages, and burgers. Processed meats from supermarkets should be cooked well done. However, when you’re completely sure that your burger is fresh and of good quality, you can safely serve the burger medium cooked.

Processed meat Well done 70°C / 158°F

BBQ classics with beef
Brisket and short ribs are both parts of the cow and deserve some extra attention in this list because they’re both real BBQ classics. Short ribs and brisket are cooked exclusively low and slow so the fat can melt slowly and blend through the meat. Therefore, the core temperature of the brisket and short ribs is very high.

BBQ classics Brisket 88-96°C / 190.4-204.8°F
Short ribs 85-95°C / 185-203°F

2. Core temperature of lamb

Roast or meat on the bone
Pieces of roast are rack of lamb and whole bone in leg.

Roast Rare 50-52°C / 122-125.6°F
Medium 56-59°C / 132.8-138.2°F
Well done 68°C / 154.4°F

Processed meat

Processed lamb such as minced lamb.

Processed lamb Well done 70°C / 158°F

3. The core temperature of pork

Ribs are, of course, spareribs (baby back ribs) and big ribs,

Ribs Well done 70°C / 158°F

Rolled pork and meat on the bone
Rolled pork, pork tenderloin, porchetta

Rolled pork and meat on the bone Medium 58-63°C / 136.4-145.4°F
Well done 70°C / 158°F

BBQ classics with pork
Shoulder steak, procureur, pork belly, boston butt

Shoulder steak Well done 70°C / 158°F
Procureur and boston butt (pulled pork) Well done 88°C / 190.4°F
Pork belly Well done 75°C / 167°F

4. The core temperature of poultry (chicken)

Chicken & turkey
For a roast chicken, it is important to control the temperature of the chicken thigh/leg separately from the chicken breast.

Chicken breast Well done 70°C / 158°F
Chicken thigh without bone Well done 72°C / 161.6°F
Chicken thigh on the bone Well done 72°C / 161.6°F
Chicken wings and legs Well done 85°C / 185°F

5. The core temperature of fish

When preparing fish it is important that the meat of the fish isn’t glassy.

Salmon Medium 55°C / 131°F
Whitefish (cod, seabass, dorado) Well done 60°C / 140°F
Tuna Medium rare 50°C / 122°F

6. The core temperatures of game

Game, such as duck, rabbit, hare, wild boar, guinea fowl, and deer (roe).

Duck Medium 65°C / 149°F
Well done 79-82°C / 174.2-179.6°F
Hare fillet en back Medium 52-55°C / 125.6-131°F
Well done 82°C / 179.6°F
Hare-leg Well done 82°C / 179.6°F


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