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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

The most important BBQ tips!

What core temperature should I maintain? How do you prepare chicken on the BBQ? How do I regulate the temperature inside my BBQ? These are all logic questions that we also stumbled upon when we just started barbecuing. We have been barbecuing for some time now and gained quite some experience. So, we put together all of the information we have collected so far, especially for you, so you can find all the right tips in the same place.

Best core temperature

What the best core temperature depends on what is lying on your BBQ. We made a handy and well-organized overview so that you can search for all the right temperatures. View the table here.

Meat, fish, and poultry

Steak is prepared differently than a piece of salmon; just as pork neck isn’t grilled in the same way as a complete chicken. To get you going, we have put together the most important information so that you can always look something up quickly.

Preparing beef on the BBQ
Preparing pork on the BBQ
Preparing chicken on the BBQ
Preparing fish on the BBQ
Preparing vegetables on the BBQ


In short videos, we show you various techniques and tips.
Click on this for the videos.

Blog tips

We often write blogs that are filled with tips. Often these are subjects we come across ourselves, and which we like to share. For example, what can you eat while you’re pregnant? How do you grill your vegetables perfectly? How to open an oyster? All of these blogs you can read here.


Fun facts and BBQ jargon can be found here.

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