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Chicken on the BBQ

Chicken on the BBQ

How to prepare chicken on the BBQ: everything you need to know

Chicken is one of the most versatile pieces of meat: you can go in any direction with chicken. The main reason for this is that chicken has a fairly neutral taste, so you can’t quite say you don’t like it. Because of that neutral taste, you can give chicken any taste you like. On this page, we give you the most important information about preparing chicken on the BBQ.

Roadkill chicken

1. Fresh chicken

There are several important points when it comes to preparing chicken on the BBQ, and to start with freshness. Of course, this seems obvious but we want to emphasize that you should only work with fresh chicken products. Get your products from a reliable supplier and use your senses to judge whether you want to use it or not. So, smell, feel, and see if the chicken looks good. You don’t trust it? Then you might want to consider to get your chicken somewhere else.

The next point is also quite obvious: hygiene. It is, of course, of great importance to work hygienically on your BBQ. Chicken (and pork) need a little extra attention. Both chicken and pork might contain salmonella bacteria, which can make you very ill. Therefore, keep your products well cooled and use the knives and cutting board only for chicken and not for any other products. Also, clean your BBQ tongs after you have placed the raw chicken on the barbecue. However, at a temperature higher than 70 ° C, the salmonella bacterium dies. That is why it is important to cook the chicken well and not to serve medium!

Finally, we also think it is important that we work with chicken of good quality. This means no low price chicken, but a chicken that has had a better life. You might pay a bit more but this will definitely pay off on your plate.

2. Preparing chicken on the BBQ

Chicken seems to be born for the BBQ. You can go in all directions with chicken. For example, you can use a whole chicken for beercan chicken or spatchcock chicken.

The advantage of preparing chicken as a whole on the BBQ is that the skin protects the meat, and ensures that the meat remains very juicy. Therefore, all fats and juices remain within the meat, giving you the most tender chicken ever. But, of course, you don’t just need to use a complete chicken. The individual parts of the chicken are also delicious when they come off the BBQ. For example, think of smoked chicken wings and chicken legs. But, our absolute favorite is the chicken thigh. Chicken thigh is a bit more fat than the breast fillet, and therefore very tasteful. However, chicken breast is also an absolute winner, and so we have made delicious recipes in which the chicken fillet is placed on a stage. So, what about real chicken satay, insanely juicy pulled chicken and chicken nuggets. We are sure that you’ve never eaten anything like this before.

Broodje pulled chicken van de BBQsticky wings van de grill

3. Perfectly cooked chicken

As you might know by now: we like to be certain. Measuring is knowing. It would be a shame if your chicken becomes dry, therefore always use a meat thermometer. You often hear that a chicken fillet is not suitable for the BBQ because it might become dry. We think that is nonsense. When a chicken fillet is cooked to a core temperature of 72°C, then it will be juicy and delicious. If this seems difficult, you might want to make a start with preparing chicken thigh, chicken wings, or chicken drumsticks. They can stand rough handling, and won’t become dry that easily. We think it’s even better when chicken thigh, wings, and drumsticks stay a little longer on the BBQ.

4. Ways to prepare chicken on the BBQ

You can go in any direction with your chicken dishes. That’s why there are many different techniques to make your chicken super tasty.


Beercan chicken
The best-known preparation of chicken is on top of a beer can. Beercan chicken is a classic BBQ recipe that you must make at least once, and which is of course very fun to do. We thought it was so much fun to do, so we made a video about it. You can watch that video over here.


Butterflied chicken
Butterflied chicken or spatchcock chicken is a beautiful way of preparing a whole chicken on the BBQ. You remove the backbone from the chicken and flatten the chicken on your grill grate. We are a great fan of this method. Why? Well, you can put the chicken in such a way that the legs and thighs are close to the coals but the breast further away. In this way, every piece of chicken meat is perfectly cooked. Butterflying a chicken is super easy. Watch this video in which we show you this technique.

BBQ and smoking are inextricably linked to each other. Chicken is very suitable for smoking on the BBQ. Everyone knows the smoked sliced chicken fillet in the supermarkets. To us, this sliced chicken fillet is a bit dry, which is a shame. However, when you smoke chicken fillet yourself, it becomes tremendously juicy. You could even choose to inject the chicken to give it some extra flavor. Whether you smoke chicken as a whole, or just the wings or thigh, to us a bit of smoke makes the meat a whole lot tastier.


Chicken is also perfect for grilling. Especially, the somewhat fatter parts of the chicken such as chicken thigh and wings. These become super tender and juicy when grilled above charcoal. Also, think about the skin of the chicken, naturally best when served crispy.


Chicken is also great for stewing on the BBQ. However, you need an extra accessory for this: the Dutch Oven. In this cast-iron pan, you can make, for example, pulled chicken! In this way, you make your BBQ an extension of your kitchen. Great!


The rotisserie is perfect for preparing a whole chicken or chicken thigh. The chicken keeps turning around and meanwhile, the marinade and meat juices drip over the chicken. As if you are at the poulterer!

5. Best chicken recipes for the BBQ

Look here at all of our delicious chicken recipes. You will certainly find a tasty recipe, without a doubt.
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