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Beef on the BBQ

Beef on the BBQ

How to prepare meat on the BBQ: everything you need to know

As with chicken, beef is very suitable for the BBQ. You simply can’t say no to a good grilled steak or a juicy shortrib. Pretty much all of the parts of a cow can be used for delicious BBQ dishes. On this page, we give you the most important information on how to prepare beef on the BBQ.

Amazing tomahawk steak

1. Good beef

As with chicken and other kinds of meat and fish, it is important to choose a reliable supplier. It is highly important that you work with fresh products. Inspect the meat on odd dark spots.
Note! Pure beef turns brown when exposed to oxygen. When the meat is still nicely red after a long time without packaging, you can assume that something might have been added. So, we don’t mind a bit of brown coloring at all!

It depends on your preparation technique, but in general, fat is very desirable when preparing beef. In fact, fat gives taste to your product. So, during grilling, please leave the fat on the meat. In the case of a stew or short ribs, you can remove the fat. Please do this gently; don’t go crazy. A bit of trimming with a sharp knife is fine.

2. Best parts of the cow for the BBQ

Beef is a quite diverse piece of meat that has many different parts. From complete ribroasts to a great steak; beef is as versatile as chicken.

Steak might be the best-known part of beef. Most of the time everyone thinks of rump steak. Therefore, this name is used all the time for steaks in general. In short, steaks are tender pieces of meat that you briefly grill to the perfect core temperature. We eat a steak preferably medium-rare, with a core temperature of around 52°C. In this way, you can taste the flavor of beef and the meat remains juicy. Please do not cook beef above 56°C because then it becomes as tough as leather.

Rib roasts
The first name in beef is the prime rib. The first five ribs of a cow are the prime ribs. This amazing piece of meat is basically rib-eye with the bone still on. We are huge fans of the prime rib. The great thing about a rib roast is that you can slowly cook a large piece of meat, which serves many people at the same time. So, prime ribs are a real winner for the Christmas menu!

Roast beef prepared on the BBQ

Chuck roast
Chuck roast mostly comes from the muscles that the cow actively uses. In general, when baked as a steak, this kind of meat is a bit more leathery, but very tasty indeed. Chuck roast is best for stewing. Chuck roast tastes great on a bed of fresh vegetables, and preferably with a glass of red wine on the side. Ideal chuck roast meats are stewing steak and flat iron steak.

A bit less known than the ribs of a pig are the short ribs. You have to dare to start with short ribs, but once you have tried them out, they become everyone’s favorite. The meat of the short rib needs quite a long time to be cooked perfectly. Think about 9 hours at a temperature around 110 °C.

Ground beef
Beef instantly makes you think about ‘flame grilled beef burgers’! At least we sure do! When you use beef for a burger, make sure you have a piece that has a bit of fat. Fat ensures a juicy and tasty result. We always use ground stewing steak. The proportion of fat/meat of stewing steaks is 20/80, which is perfect for a burger.

3. Preparing beef on the BBQ

The different methods for preparing meat also require their own techniques. This sounds more complicated than it is. Below we explain the tastiest techniques in simple language.

You always smoke beef at a relatively low temperature that is around 110 ° C. The fat in the meat is allowed to slowly melt and pull through the meat during smoking at a low temperature. To us, the short rib is the perfect piece of beef. This mighty meat takes quite a long time to cook, but the smoke makes it a real party. When you smoke meat, you do not have to do this for any longer than 3 hours. After that, the outside is too dry to absorb even more smoke. We generally use mesquite for smoking. This type of wood gives a nice smoke ring to the meat and gives a subtle yet strong taste.

Grilling is fun! We absolutely love to grill beautiful rib eyes or club steaks on a hot grid above the coals. Just the sound of it is amazing.
And, it only gets better when you’ve perfectly cooked such a delicious steak! It is smart to salt your meat in advance when grilling meat directly. Salting your meat will give your steak a nice and crispy crust. Please do not use pepper in advance: when burned it becomes very bitter which is, of course, a shame.

You can also grill bigger pieces of meat. You grill bigger pieces of meat on a moderate temperature of around 150 ° C. Initially, you cook these pieces further away from direct heat. This is called the
reverse sear method. Your tremendous piece of meat cooks nice and evenly with this method.

What is autumn or winter without a good stew?! Good meat for a stew is, of course, stewing steak but flat iron steak is also a winner. Note! Flat iron steak can also be grilled when the sinew is removed. Highly recommended! Let’s get back to the stew. A good stew is amazing, period. Also, an easy recipe: throw everything in a pan and let the stew simmer for a couple of hours. We have made a recipe where we smoked the stewing steak beforehand. A winner throughout all seasons!

4. Perfectly cooked

Beef is very versatile, so we can imagine that you can’t see the wood for the trees when it comes to the core temperatures that belong to all the different kinds of techniques. That’s why we made a nice overview of core temperatures that helps you out!

5. Best recipes with beef on the BBQ

You can view all of our beef recipes here. Whether it is just for a snack, appetizer or as a main dish: there is a recipe for every occasion.

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