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Pork on the BBQ

Pork on the BBQ

How to prepare pork on the BBQ: everything you need to know

Just like beef or chicken, pork is very suitable for the BBQ. Probably one of the best known BBQ dishes is spare ribs. We’ll give you three guesses where they come from! 😉 But, the pig has many more delicious parts with which you can make the tastiest dishes on the BBQ. On this page, we give you the most important information on how to prepare pork on the BBQ.

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1. Good quality pork

We can’t stress this often enough: get your meat or fish from a reliable supplier. We think it is important to know where our products come from. Good quality pork has a nice pink color and a neutral odor. If you have vacuum-packed meat, leave it for a while after opening and smell it afterward. Otherwise, you might draw premature conclusions.

As with beef, pork sometimes contains some fat. Leave the fat on the meat when preparing on the BBQ. When grilling at a high temperature, the fat will melt and become nice and crispy. With longer low-temperature preparations, the fat also melts and gives off some extra flavor to the meat.

2. The most delicious parts of pork for the BBQ

Pork also has fantastic steaks. I think that the best-known steaks are pork chops. Pork chops come from different parts of the pig but all of them are delicious. Remember that you can eat a good quality pork chop medium cooked (think about our rule of thumb: a reliable supplier). The same goes for fillet steak cut from pork. It is an absolute shame to bake the fillet steak until it becomes dry. It’s awful.

In the BBQ scene, this is the best-known pork meat. Every BBQ fanatic has his/her favorite ribs recipe. We have created various recipes on our blog and think that we are quite experienced by now. Our secret? Practice makes perfect! Once you have the temperature under control it is easy-peasy!

Minced pork meat
Minced pork is pretty fat. So, most of the time we use this to fatten minced beef (view our recipe for meatballs). If you only use pork meat for making burgers, then keep in mind that flames might come out of your BBQ because of the melting fat.

Low and slow
The pig has different parts that are perfectly suitable for low& slow preparations. Best-known is of course pork loin, that is used for pulled pork. This might seem like a big leap for a novice BBQ fanatic, but trust us, pork loin is a forgiving piece of meat. Pork loin is pretty fat and therefore can stand rough handling.

Another well-known piece of pork meat is ham. How delicious is a sandwich with slow-cooked ham with some honey mustard? Oh, it’s simply mouthwatering.
And, how about pork belly….?

Prachtig gegaard buikspek

3. Preparing pork on the BBQ

The different methods of preparation also have their techniques. This sounds more complicated than it is. Below, we explain the tastiest techniques easily.

Pork is perfect for smoking. But, do make sure to keep the temperature inside the BBQ around 100°C. When the temperature is too high your meat might end up dry; something you don’t want. For example, when preparing a pork tenderloin, you might choose to inject your meat with some extra flavor. Think about a mixture of whiskey and honey. This might lead to a result that you will be talking about even after a couple of years!

When you grill at a high temperature it is important to keep an eye on the core temperature. Pork meat that is grilled too long isn’t nice. You could (or must actually) eat thick pork chop or a beautiful pork tenderloin medium cooked, then de meat stays as tender as butter and tasteful.

4. Perfect readiness

We can’t stress this enough but a steak of pork MUST be eaten medium cooked. Do you want information about te perfect core temperatures of pork? Well, check out this handy table.

5. De lekkerste varkensvlees recepten van de BBQ

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The delicious burnt ends of pork belly

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