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Fish on the BBQ

Fish on the BBQ

How to prepare fish on the BBQ: everything you need to know

Fish is very suitable for the barbecue. Everyone has prepared fish in the oven or a pan once in a while. So, why not try the BBQ? As true Spakenburgers, we like to prepare fish, and we are proud of that. It takes some time getting used to in the beginning, but we’ll promise that you will get the hang of it soon after reading this page! On this page, we give you the most important information for preparing fish on the BBQ.

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1. Good fish

As with chicken, and other meat- or fish species, it is important to choose a reliable supplier. We think that it is important to work with fresh and sustainable products. You can recognize fresh fish by its smell and color. Fresh wild-caught fish does not stink but smells like the sea. When fish smells off it gets this typical air, which is not very tasty.

It is a bit trickier in terms of color since every fish has its specific color of meat. Fish is generally good if the meat shines nicely and feels smooth. When using a whole fish, you check whether the scales shine beautifully, the gills look bright red and if the eyes shine. Dull eyes indicate that the fish is a bit off.

Good fish is not just about quality. We also think that sustainability is important. Therefore, we only choose fish with a quality mark. This is the MSC quality mark for wild-caught fish and the ASC quality mark for farmed fish. For more information, please visit the websites of these organizations.

2. The tastiest fish species on the BBQ

There are hundreds of types of fish. We have not tried all kinds of fish on the BBQ (yet ;-)), but we do know that many fish species need the same kind of preparation. Below you will find a list of what we believe are the best kinds of fish for the BBQ.

Duh! Salmon absolutely belongs in this list. We are simply crazy about it. It is for a good reason that this fish is often made at parties by us. Smoked on the BBQ accompanied by a piece of fresh bread. Perfect!

This is one of the most famous fish species when you have holiday feelings. For example, you can eat it as a whole fish with tasty vegetables in the belly or as a fillet: both ways are awesome! The taste of sea bass is sweet with a touch of salt. Delicious! By the way, a dorado is also a great alternative for seabass!

A fish that bakes the same as a steak? That is, of course, tuna! Like beef, tuna has beautiful red meat, which you can eat uncooked as with beef. We have made a variant that is marinated in soy and briefly grilled at a high temperature. Delicious!

You don’t often hear that cod is prepared on the BBQ. We get that. Because, when cod is overcooked, it falls apart which is, of course, a shame. But, what about cod pairings? We have coated the cod with bread and grilled it indirectly. Cod parings are everybody’s friend, just like the ‘fat’ version.

gebakken vis van de BBQ met sausZeewolf op de BBQ met spek

3. Cooking fish on the BBQ

Below we explain the tastiest techniques in a simple way.


Grilling fish (fillet) on the BBQ might be quite difficult. If you aren’t careful enough, the fish will fall between your coals. The secret to grilling fish? Temperature. Our first tip is not to grill at a high temperature. When the temperature is too high, the fish will stick to your BBQ and it will fall apart. We usually grill fish at a temperature around 150 ° C. Our second tip, is to cook the fish indirectly and then grill if necessary.


Well, who doesn’t like a piece of smoked fish? The best-known species is of course salmon, but mackerel is also a winner due to the healthy fats they contain. When smoking fish (as with meat), the temperature is important. This must be around 100 ° C. otherwise, you cook the fish too quickly and the proteins will come out of the meat. This makes it dry and of course, something you don’t want that.

4. Perfectly prepared

Because fish is so incredibly versatile, we can imagine that you will no longer see the wood for the trees when it comes to core temperatures associated with the various techniques we explained above. You can find a handy temperature overview over here which helps you with the perfect preparation of your fish on the BBQ!

5. The tastiest fish recipes from the BBQ

View here our fish recipes from the BBQ.

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